My current face-care routine

16. srpna 2012 v 4:36 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips
I just decided to share my face-care routine with you. What & how often I use those products? So click on the ''full article'' button to see more...

Brand: Garnier
Type: 3in1 (peeling, facial mask, wash-creme)
Price: 159,- Kč/ 6,21 euro/ 7,52 USD

Wash your face and put on this peeling, wait 3 minutes and wash your face again. You should do this everyday or minimally twice a week.

Brand: Rival de Loop
Type: Clean & Care (mit Alkohol)
Price: 45,- Kč/ 0,99 euro/ 2,13 USD
Use this lotion twice a day (in the morning & at the evening).

Brand: Rival de Loop
Type: Milch & Honig
Price: 18,- Kč/ 0,49 euro/ 0,85 USD

There are 2 facial masks in each pack.
Use it once a week, read the instructions.

My own lotion (honey, water, lemon juice).
Read this article to know how to do it
Use this lotion twice a day (in the morning, at the evening) just like all these lotions that you can buy Mrkající

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1 july july | 16. srpna 2012 v 11:52 | Reagovat

Ill try it now.thank you klara

2 lorelai lorelai | 16. srpna 2012 v 22:50 | Reagovat


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