My 18th Birthday :-)

20. srpna 2012 v 8:20 | Klára Lovato |  Diary
Hey guys,
It's 20th August & it's really special day for me, because it's my Birthday, plus it's my 18th Birthday and that means I'm an adult (if I'm in the Czech Republic). So I'll finally make my driver license, because you can drive a car at age 18 here Mrkající

Back in the time

* 1994 - I was born on 20th August 1994 in the Czech Republic (central Europe)

My first

1) Kiss: it was with my childhood friend when we were 2 years old
2) Best friend: Karina, but I didn't hear anything about her for like 14 years :( since she moved..
3) Job: actress
4) Boyfriend: it was my classmate Petr (we both were 12 that time), we're still friends
5) Song: Who's My Love
6) Work: waitress
7) Pet: our dog John
8) Blog: I was 12 or 13 that time & it was about my favorite Hollywood actors & actresses
9) Mobile: that BIG was blue Alcatel and I was 7-years-old
10) Make-up: some mascara

My life now
1) Relationship status: taken
2) My boyfriend's name: Honza
3) My job: site model
4) My hair color now: blonde
5) My bedroom color: pink
6) Mobile: Samsung Galaxy Mini
7) Best friend: I can't name just one..
8) Role model: Taylor Parks, Demi Lovato & my parents
9) Where I live: Czech Republic
10) Where I want to go one day: Roma (again),but also Paris and many next places

Who celebrates Birthday with me

My daddy, Demi Lovato, my friends Tomáš, Jana & Alexandre Arsenault... so Happy Birthday to all of you!! Líbající

xoxo Klára Allyson Lovato

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1 lorelai lorelai | 20. srpna 2012 v 10:31 | Reagovat

Happy Birthday Klara!

2 John John | 20. srpna 2012 v 10:32 | Reagovat

Wow!You are 18 now!So happy birthday to you Klara!I love you so much!

3 MariaAmbrehhh MariaAmbrehhh | 20. srpna 2012 v 10:46 | Reagovat

Happy Birthday Klara Allyson Lovato!Love you!!!!!

4 mia mia | 20. srpna 2012 v 11:09 | Reagovat

happy birthday klara!!!love you so much

5 Anne Anne | 20. srpna 2012 v 12:57 | Reagovat

very happy 18th bday klara

6 sussy sussy | 20. srpna 2012 v 19:06 | Reagovat

lots of love and happy birthday klara

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