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1. srpna 2012 v 16:40 | Kate Deli |  About Klára Lovato
This article was written by my stardoll/facebook friend Kate Deli & I just love it so I need to share this amazing article with you guys Mrkající
I just put on some smiles & photos and here it is...
xoxo Klára Allyson Lovato

...Meeting Klára...
Birth name: Klára Allyson Lovato
Date of birth: 20th August 1994
Place of birth: Czech republic
Siblings: 1 sister named Denisa
Current location: Czech republic
Work as: Site Model (THE BEST Mrkající)

Klára Allyson Lovato known as Klára, Kakushka, Baby K,... she's one of the best site models EVER. Klára has got one sister which is 14-years-old her name is Denisa and she loves her so much!!! Klára also can't forget her friends and her boyfriend that had always been there for her. And as she said her boyfriend threats her like a PRINCESS Smějící se that's what a girl looks for!! Last but not least come Klára's fan YEIII she has so so many fans (trust me, because I'm a BIG one) Mrkající Klára was always being open & friendly to all of her fans, she has chatted with them and she also helped them!!
Klára though her incredible blog ( ) encourage fans, friends and so many more people, gives advices, shares her special moments and photos. She tries her best to make it as good as she can, because she LOVES YOU GUYS!! Líbající

I don't have to say anything about her parents, because they are the people who raised her to be a person she is now and they mean the world for her Mrkající

...Describing Klára...
Moveover, I thought to describe Klára, but it's not easy. I have to say thousand of AWESOME words about her and I can't even start so I'll say some of them that come on my mind!!
Friendly, talkative, funny, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, amazing, adorable, cheerful, dynamic, elegant, glamourous, kind-hearted, lovely, wonderful,....

...Something you didn't know...

How me & Klára met?
Well that's a nice story to hear. We met though Stardoll (a site with dolls)! Over some months ago! Well we started talking and then we became a friends on Facebook too! We are close friends and I appreciate that! Mrkající

A life trip
However, Klára lives in Czech republic, she also loves traveling and one of her favorite places is Italy, she has spent a lot of time there and for her it's always like the first time! Another thing that you maybe didn't know is that Klára will really love to visit her fans all over the world!!
Usmívající se

Personal life
Klára wasn't been always happy with her life. Of course she faced the difficulties like broken heart, friendship that comes to the end and so many more. She has been really strong and put on her smile and have optimistic thinking Usmívající se
And if you're asking about Klára & Joe Jonas.. what happened? Well yeah, it's true that they were together and they were really in love, but as we know all great things come to the end! Klára is still friend with Joe and she will never forget these good moments with him! Mrkající ( ...official twitter of this ex-couple)

Also a singer?
How many times have you thought that Klára was been also a singer? Umm I think the answer is A LOT and this is kinda true! Well Klára isn't an official singer, but yeah she had sing. Don't forget the duet she has done with Alexandre Arsenault ''Come Back Home'' ( ). It's AMAZING, but they never recorded it, because of some reasons!

( Klára Allyson Lovato & Alexandre Arsenault)

The End
Coming to the end Klára is one of the best persons I have ever met! She has never ever let me down and she always helps me! Mrkající So I have to say HUGE ''thank you'' and that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Katherine ''Kristen'' Deli

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1 Cindy Cindy | 1. srpna 2012 v 16:42 | Reagovat

Oh my gosh! This article is amazing!I love it!Katherine,please do some more articles,because you are such a talented girl!

2 Jacob Jacob | 1. srpna 2012 v 16:43 | Reagovat

She's so lucky, because she can talk with you all the time. I love you Klara!!!by the way this article is great.good job Katherine Kristen Deli

3 lorelai lorelai | 1. srpna 2012 v 16:44 | Reagovat

i love you klara and this article is really great!oh and katherine,you are really should make your own blog.maybe about klara :)

4 John John | 1. srpna 2012 v 16:48 | Reagovat

Klara, you are so beautiful girl and i love you soooooo much!
Katherine,you are so talented!good job

5 mia mia | 1. srpna 2012 v 17:12 | Reagovat

wow just wow i love it

6 Kristen Kristen | 1. srpna 2012 v 20:28 | Reagovat

OMG guys i can't thank you enough for those awesome words! THANK YOU ALL it's mean so so much to me,you are Amazing all! and Klara LOVES YOU ALL :D

7 mia mia | 1. srpna 2012 v 21:11 | Reagovat

[6]: i just founnd out that klara and alexandre would look so cute together,dont you think so?

8 Kristen Kristen | 1. srpna 2012 v 22:23 | Reagovat

Maybe but Klara is very good and great with her boyfriend ;)

9 mia mia | 1. srpna 2012 v 23:01 | Reagovat

yes that is also true

10 sandra sandra | 2. srpna 2012 v 3:19 | Reagovat

i love it

11 Kristen Kristen | 2. srpna 2012 v 15:36 | Reagovat

[10]: Thank you :)

12 Kristen Kristen | 2. srpna 2012 v 15:37 | Reagovat

[9]: :)

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