How to find your prince charming?

15. srpna 2012 v 0:35 | Klára Lovato |  Care & tips

Are you jealous of people around you who are taken? Are you tired of being single? Do you want to meet your prince charming? I'll give you some tips that really can help you.. all you need to do it click on the ''full article'' button & read this article Mrkající

...Be happy with yourself...

It's easy...if you're satisfied with your look, personality, body,... then people aroud you will see you as a beautiful person Mrkající There's this old advice like you should stand infront the mirror every morning & say to yourself ''Hello beautiful'' or name something that you like about yourself. Honestly I didn't try it yet, but you can't loose anything so you should try this advice.
If you doesn't like your body just go to the gym or dance class, for better look you can just change your hair style or hair color or just go shopping with your friends & buy something nice & sexy Mrkající

...Smile, please Úžasný...

Boys love girls who are nice, friendly, talkative, funny, but also clever. Just anyone can't see all these characters for the first time, but your smile can be really magic!! It's like a magnet for boys, so keep your cute smile on & then they can also see how nice & friendly you are Mrkající

...Clothes & shoes...

Every boy loves another style of clothing, but you should know some tips that will help you....

1) Boys usually likes girls who aren't dressed like boys so your XXL T-shirt is good for sleeping or if you're just staying at home, but don't wear it on your date.
If you're thin then you're really lucky girl!! Mrkající And you should wear some sexy tops, mini dress & so (boys loves it S vyplazeným jazykem). Aren't you that thin? Never mind...many beautiful girls doesn't wear small (S or also XS) size. You just need to find some longer T-shirt. By the way... white color will usually ''make'' you ''bigger'' so if you want to look thin then you should wear black color.

2) High heels, converse or flip flops? It depends on your outfit, but don't forget this...
* High heels will ''make'' your legs way longer & slimmer, but don't wear them if you can't walk on them!!
* Converse are really popular & comfortable, they looks great with leggins or some colored trousers.
* Balerinas they will make you more sweet & you can wear them everywhere with almost every kind of outfit.
* Flip-flops is it a sunny day? Then you need to wear your flip-flops, they're comfortable & the best choice for hot days Mrkající
* Sneakers are propably the most comfortable for all of you & you can wear it with jeans, leggins or shorts, but it really doesn't look good with skirt or dress.


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1 John John | 15. srpna 2012 v 0:42 | Reagovat

Id love to find my princess.well its you,but you are taken :( but honestly,i dont want to wear high heels :D

2 lorelai lorelai | 15. srpna 2012 v 0:42 | Reagovat

amazing article.i will try your tips

3 mia mia | 15. srpna 2012 v 13:10 | Reagovat

i love this article

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