How I changed my hair colors/ styles?

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Hey guys,
a lot of people are still asking me about my hair colors & styles?
When did I dyed my hair for the first time? What color? And some more questions so I decided to make an article with photos about it Mrkající

20th August 1994 (when I was born) - April 2008

I was born as a girl with red-brown hair (my mom's natural hair color is the same). I loved my natural hair color so much, but one day I was just ''tired'' of it & I wanted to dye my hair color into something darker. I was kinda worried about that what my mom will say about it, but she accepted so we went shopping & bought the right hair color for me & then my mom dyed my hair for the first time!! Mrkající

Light brown
April 2008 - March 2010

I really love this color & I'm thinking about that I'll maybe dye my hair like this again in the future Mrkající But after almost one year I wanted to change my hair color again & I wanted to dye my hair more & more dark so I choosed black one...

March 2010 - November 2010

My site model career started at this time (April 2010) & this is one of my first photoshoots. I love this hair color on some photos, but actually I didn't like it that much since July 2010, but it's really hard to change your hair color from black into a lighter one without destroying them that much so I needed to wait until my hair color was almost my natural red-brown ( I look-a-liked so funny, cuz half of my hair were black & half were red-brown Smějící se ).
Well my skin isn't that tan as I would love to (especially in the winter) so when my hair were black & my skin was totally white I was like ''Snow White'' Smějící se

Dark brown
November 2010 - January 2011

When I finally could dye my hair from blac into a ligher color (dark brown) I just did it & I was happy about that I have finally something lighter Mrkající

Half black - half red-brown
January 2011 - July 2011

This is my funny hair moment Smějící se Well if you think that it was my choice to have my hair colored like actually wasn't. I just needed to wait until I could dye them back to lighter colors.
As you can see on this photo half of my hair were black & half of my hair were my natural red-brown. (It doesn't look that bad on this photo, but it was kinda different if you saw me live that time).

Red-brown with blonde lights
July 2011 - Semptember 2011

Finally!! My hair were way lighter that time & everyone loved it, but I wanted to dye them blonde. I just needed to wait until I had more and more blonde lights & then I could became a BLONDE S vyplazeným jazykem

September 2011 - now

And this is how my hair look-a-like now!! I love it so much, but yeah!! Sometimes I miss my brown hair, but I can change it if I'll want to do it, but now I'll be just BLONDIE S vyplazeným jazykem

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Which hair color is the best for Klára Lovato?

Light brown
Dark brown


1 Anne Anne | 1. srpna 2012 v 1:01 | Reagovat

i love this article!btw you are so beauitful

2 Jacob Jacob | 1. srpna 2012 v 1:09 | Reagovat

You look so beautiful on all these photos Klara!I wish I could meet you one day!!

3 lorelai lorelai | 1. srpna 2012 v 10:46 | Reagovat

soooo cool

4 mia mia | 1. srpna 2012 v 21:35 | Reagovat

you are just beautiful everytime and everywhere

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