Photo collage aka since a baby girl.. growing up into a teen girl

10. května 2012 v 22:23 | Klára Lovato |  Old times
Hey guys,
want to see a special photo-collage how I look liked since I was born until now? Click on the full article button ;-)

Sorry about that facebook link, I just didn't want anyone to use it, but you can't find this facebook account anymore, because it's my old one.
Well my new facebook is ,but I don't accept anyone I don't know :)
My official facebook page is


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Which hair color is the best for Klára Lovato?

Light brown
Dark brown


1 maya maya | 10. května 2012 v 22:34 | Reagovat

i love it

2 Baby S (Sarah) Baby S (Sarah) | 10. května 2012 v 22:35 | Reagovat

You were really sooooo cute baby girl and now you are a beautiful teen girl Klara!! We all love you soooo much Miss BEAUTIFUL!!!

3 sam sam | 20. května 2012 v 20:40 | Reagovat

you are soooo beautiful!! id love to meet you once and talk to you,because you are my idol! i love you so much klara! you are so beauituful and amazing!

4 mandy mandy | 19. července 2012 v 22:56 | Reagovat

I know that you must hear this all the time,but you were adorable baby girl,sweet  little princess and you are very sexy teen girl now!We all love you Klara!!!

5 Michelle Michelle | 29. července 2012 v 12:23 | Reagovat

Awww so cute and beautiful:)

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