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8. května 2012 v 19:24 | Klára Lovato & Mia |  Interviews
Hey guys,
here's new (quite short) interview by one fan named Mia Usmívající se
Click on the ''full article'' button and check it out!
xoxo Klára

KAL: Klára Allyson Lovato
M: Mia

M: Hey Klara, I wanted to ask you why you are just a site model now?
KAL: Well I was really busy and I couldn't record more songs and so, but I'm happy now, because I do what I really like and that's what's cool.
M: So you don't like to sing anymore?
KAL: I really like it, but I'm too busy with my high school so now I sing just for myself Smějící se
M: Do you sing in the shower?
KAL: No, but my boyfriend does Smějící se
M: Who's your boyfriend?
KAL: Well his name is Jan Grbavčic (or as people call him ''Honza''),he's 17 and he goes to the same high school like me so we can spend some time together also at school Usmívající se
M: How did you two met?
KAL: It's a long story. He ''poked'' me on facebook and one day I messaged him something like ''Hey, do you still like this ''poking'' game?'' and we just started to talk and then we hanged out S vyplazeným jazykem & we just fall in love.
M: Thank you for the interview!!

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1 mia mia | 8. května 2012 v 19:48 | Reagovat

thank you again love you klara

2 sam sam | 8. května 2012 v 19:48 | Reagovat

i love it you are so cool

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